U.S. Women in Nuclear Happenings – First Quarter 2021

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Most Reactive Chapter Contest Winner 2020

  • Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, there were 4 chapter entries for the 2020 contest from DC WIN, Exelon-Braidwood, Exelon-Kennett Square, and Westinghouse-Pittsburgh. Through the activities of these chapters, almost 400 individuals experienced various nuclear science topics via discussions, presentations, and virtual platforms. From these submissions, the Exelon – Kennett Square chapter was selected as the 2020 contest winner!

Submit Your U.S. WIN Conference Suggestions

  • Do you have ideas for overall conference theme or presentation topics, or want to help organize, facilitate, or speak at a session? Use the Conference Agenda Portal to submit your ideas and express interest! Remember, conference planning starts early and the agenda is often full by March, so don’t delay if you have a great idea you’d like to share.


Member Spotlights

November 2020

Kelly J. Ferneau

January 2021

Tiffani A. Teachey

February 2021

Price Collins

The WINning Edge

U.S. WIN NEXT January Overview

“The women of U.S. WIN Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow (NEXT) show that diversity in rooms of decision-making provides a holistic, encompassing perspective when advocating for nuclear energy.”

U.S. WIN’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Initiative

“Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion must be tackled by the industry as a whole, and … U.S. WIN is organizing a facilitated session to align on a common problem statement for use across the industry.”

Other recent articles:


Website Spotlight – User Profile Spring Cleaning

Did you know that you have the power to manage your U.S. WIN user profile? You can modify settings such as your name, your chapter, your company, and even your job title! We’ve added new chapters to the chapter list, and we have an “At-Large” chapter for members who are not involved with a local chapter. To protect your privacy, contact information is not visible to other members. If you would like to facilitate other U.S. WIN members contacting you, consider adding a link to your LinkedIn profile in the “Tell us about yourself” section of your profile.

Please note, we will not modify chapter member lists based on the request of chapter leadership. Your personal information is yours alone. Therefore, if it has been more than a year, please verify that the information we have for you is correct.

To update your information, go to https://www.winus.org/account/ and click the “View profile” link underneath your photo icon. Click the gear icon at the top right, and select “Edit Profile.” Remember to click “Update Profile” once you have entered your information. That’s it!


Outreach Library

Webinar: The Nuclear Low-Carbon Conversation

  • A virtual discussion co-hosted by EPRI and Women in Nuclear – Washington, D.C. chapter to promote Nuclear Science Week and build awareness of nuclear’s critical role in clean energy and a low-carbon future.

Books for children on Marie Curie, Irene Curie, and Lise Meitner

  • A list of engaging books for children on historical females in nuclear science (mostly Marie Curie) for a range of ages that can be used for educating our own children, gifting to other children, or reading to classrooms.


Professional Development Library

DC WIN Webinar – Powering Space Missions with Nuclear Power

  • This webinar, organized by DC WIN and moderated by Ashley McKendry, will take you to the stars and explore the important role nuclear plays in the aerospace industry. NASA continues to advance technologies for exploring our galaxy each and every day. Dr. Kelsa Palomares of Analytical Mechanics Associates and Kelly Lively of Idaho National Lab highlight key industry projects and innovations working toward these impressive space goals.

TED Talks

  • Over the course of a year, I showed TED Talks with the theme Everyday Leadership. We’d watch them as a group and then discuss.


Awards and Recognition Committee

The Awards and Recognition Committee is currently working on acknowledgment letters to be sent to your CNO or others as appropriate. These letters will let the CNOs know who from their organizations are part of U.S. WIN Committees and will thank the CNOs for their support of U.S. WIN.

Our goal is to have nominations for the Chapter Awards for 2020 to the Steering Committee by the April Steering Committee meeting.


Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is developing the U.S. WIN Auxiliary Mentoring Program. We expect to have 30 pilot program participants. After compiling the list of interested individuals, we will hold an information session for those folks and provide additional information. Those who attend the information session, if still interested in program participation, will receive an application to complete along with additional information request.

Once your application is received, the U.S. WIN Mentoring Program Sub-Committee will analyze the results and recommend the best mentor-to-mentee matches.  The Sub-Committee will provide guidance throughout the application process.  Training will be provided to all participants to ensure the pilot is successful. Please note the pilot requires a 12-month commitment.

Expected Timeline:

  • Solicit volunteers/nominees by End of Q1, 2021
  • Applications completed in May 2021.
  • Pilot officially starts in July 2021 (2021 U.S. WIN Conference)
  • Conclude Pilot July 2022


Members-at-Large Corner

U.S. WIN is working to identify and implement initiatives to increase visibility and participation for WIN Members-at-Large (MAL): any U.S. WIN member without an active chapter affiliation.

MALs may be members at universities, public institutions, or companies that don’t yet have a WIN chapter, as well as retirees, and workers at remote locations (even if their companies have WIN chapters), to name a few.   The ad hoc MAL committee, formed to lead the effort, is comprised of MAL volunteers and a MAL lead from each region, supported by Gilda Bocock from the U.S. WIN Steering Committee.

In addition to making MALs aware of book clubs, webinars, and conferences (like the U.S. WIN national conference or the WIN regional conferences), the MAL Leads work with their respective regions to encourage MAL inclusion in events being planned by the various chapters.  To find the MAL lead for your region, go to Leadership, and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Those interested in joining the MAL committee or being added to the distribution list should contact Gilda Bocock, listed in the U.S. WIN member directory. Note that we pull our MAL distribution list from the website, so please make sure your profile is up-to-date.


Leading Group Notes

Meeting notes for the most recent leading group call have been posted on the website. A few items to highlight:

  • The theme for the 2021 U.S. WIN Virtual Conference is “Building Tomorrow.” Registration will open in early May.
  • Carol Berrigan is the U.S. WIN representative on the executive board for WiN Global. Jhansi Kandasamy will assume this role when she becomes the Past Chair of U.S. WIN.
  • NAYGN is going to start a program similar to NEXT for first line supervisors.
  • 58% of the first NEXT cohort have been promoted into the executive ranks of the nuclear industry.

Read more information at https://www.winus.org/wp-content/uploads/_pda/2021/04/2021.02.24-U.S.-WIN-Leading-Group-Minutes-final-v2.pdf?swcfpc=1.