We are pleased to announce that the new version of the U.S. WIN website is now live with a lot of exciting new features!

One part of this effort was to improve the ability to search the membership directory. To do this, we had to edit some of our members’ profiles to unify the spelling of chapter names, company names, etc. Please log in to the website to check your profile and make sure that all your information is still correct. If there are errors, please be understanding as you make your corrections. Our volunteers worked very hard to keep your information accurate while making decisions about how to unify the different names. Additionally, if you changed your password while our website renovation was underway, you will need to reset it again. Thank you for your patience!

While you are on the website to update your profile, take a look at these other upgraded features. Remember that some features are only available after you log in to the website to protect the privacy of our membership. Enjoy! 


The WINning Edge:

The WINning Edge newsletter is back! Your stories show the impact of U.S. WIN in our communities, and they inspire others to take action. This new format will allow our volunteers to publish your newsletter article submissions as we receive them instead of waiting for the quarterly publication dates. Our goal is to keep our organization up to date on all the great activities U.S. WIN members are accomplishing across the nation. Find it under the News and Events drop down.


The WINning Edge Submittal Portal:

We want to know what your U.S. WIN Chapter is doing to support an environment in nuclear energy and technologies, provide a network for professional development or provide public education opportunities! We look for commentary, essays and stories that tell a tale, reveal a personal reflection, or add an informed perspective about the nuclear industry. Please share them with us in our new submission portal! Find it under the News and Events drop down.


Outreach Library and Professional Development Library:

Want to plan an event but need an idea? These two libraries are the place to go! These libraries contain events shared by other WIN members to aid your outreach and professional development efforts. We want to leverage what individual U.S. WIN chapters and members are doing to strengthen the overall outreach and professional development efforts of U.S. WIN members nationwide. Like the sound of an activity as you browse through the library list? Just click on the blue text in the Title column to navigate to a subpage with even more information on that event! These libraries make finding ideas for your goals more accessible than ever before, with filter features (just click on the blue text to filter by that category) and search capabilities. Find them after you log in to the site under the Resources drop down (note that you can still click on the Resources title to access the items on the original Resources page).


Outreach Library and Professional Development Library Submission Portal:

These libraries can be a powerful tool for our membership- but we need YOU! We need our members to share their presentations, demonstrations, activity ideas, videos, handouts, website links, and any additional information or resources you have to fill the libraries with quality content. To make this easier than ever before, we have created Submission Forms integrated into the website. Just use the fields to provide us with some information on your successful professional development and outreach activities, and you’ll be helping other U.S. WIN members make a difference across the nation. Note that our team of volunteers reviews submissions before they are published to the libraries, and we ask for patience as we train our team on processing submissions using the new website features.  Find them after you log in to the site under the Resources drop down (note that you can still click on the Resources title to access the items on the original Resources page).


Membership directory:

Our efforts to unify entries in the directory has resulted in new search and filter capabilities! Browse the directory to find other members in your region or at your company, or to connect with someone you met at a conference. While verifying the accuracy of your profile information like we requested above, consider adding a link to your LinkedIn account in the “tell us a bit about yourself” field. Doing so is one way to help connect with each other, while maintaining a level of privacy. Find it after you log in to the site under the Membership drop down.


Award WINners:

Our members and chapters work hard to make a difference in their communities, and those who have won awards for their efforts deserve to be recognized. Now we have a page dedicated to exactly that. Visit our Award WINners page to see past award winners or to find the information to apply! Find it under the News and Events drop down.


U.S. WIN Regions page:

Members should check this page for announcements from your Region’s leadership team about upcoming events. Find it after you log in to the site under the Committees drop down.

Questions about the website? Inspired by the behind-the-scenes work of our U.S. WIN Communications Commitee volunteers to provide these services and want to join the team? Please email us at USWINCommComm@gmail.com.