Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow (NEXT)

Vision for a New Future

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The Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow (NEXT) program was created through a collaboration between U.S. Women in Nuclear, the Nuclear Energy Institute, and current nuclear executives across our industry. The collaborators determined there was a need for executive-level leadership development focused on preparing highly-capable individuals for future positions of greater strategic leadership within their respective organizations and the industry. The program supports highly-capable female leaders primed for executive-level advancement, and aims to provide challenging experiential opportunities and create a tight-knit professional network focused on helping each other succeed. The expected participant outcome is development within executive leadership competencies, broadened strategic perspective, well-established professional network, and an active industry-wide role in supporting a future that is both diverse and sustainable.


About Us

In partnership with Intend to Create Coaching & Consulting LLC, U.S. Women in Nuclear created a Leadership Cohort program in 2019 that has blossomed into the Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow (NEXT) executive immersive leadership program. The 12-month long is produced by a planning and oversight team of industry leaders who lend their knowledge and hands on support. NEXT has graduated two cohorts with a third whose journey began summer 2021, each with 12 to 14 members. At least 58 % of each graduated class has received promotions during or within 12 months of completing the program.


“Any plans to make it continue beyond our formal year would bring me joy!”

–  NEXT20 Cohort Member


Current Class


Christine Csizmadia

Ashley Finan

Cindy Fung

Danielle Fuson

Katherine Gil

Jenny Hageman

Shannon McArdle

Shannon Rafferty-Czincila

Sabrina Salazar

Rebeka Seemann

Dawn Sileo

Lashawna Stokes

Dominique Wilson

Jennifer Yarbrough




Susan Baier

Denise Brandon

Bonnie Bryant

Deborah McBreen

Leah Crider

Melissa Driscoll

Jean Fleming

Anna Krause

Renee Meeks

Mary Pietrzyk

Heath Winn

Fatma Yilmaz

Cohort Capstone: @NukeBoss, Nuclear Mentoring Instagram page



Laura Basta

Amanda Donges

Kelly Ferneau

Nicole Flippin

Erin Henderson

Lisa Hilbert

Kendra Hullum Lawson

Christy Kenny

Norha Plumey

Danielle Ramaley

Christina Reyff

Rebecca Salvadore

Cohort Capstone: Nuclear Leadership Website


Nominations for NEXT23 will open January 2022. Please contact Susan Leemhuis at [email protected] for questions.