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Positioning the United States for the future of nuclear energy and technology through the advancement of women

U.S. Women in Nuclear Strategic Objectives

  • Attract a diverse workforce to pursue professions and trades in the nuclear sector
  • Foster a culture of inclusion and belonging that retains a diverse workforce in the nuclear sector
  • Create professional development and networking opportunities for career advancement
  • Inspire advocacy and public support for the advancement of nuclear energy and technology.


U.S. Women in Nuclear Charter (currently drafting updated charter)

U.S. Women in Nuclear Major Initiatives

U.S. Women in Nuclear Brochure (Tri-Fold)

In May 1999, WiN-Global held a meeting in Washington, D.C. During the meeting, U.S. attendees met and agreed to establish U.S. Women in Nuclear. The meeting resulted from the efforts of the Nuclear Energy Institute—the meeting’s sponsoring organization—nuclear industry executives, the WiN-Global Board, and U.S. members of WiN-Global.


In the years since that organizing meeting, U.S. WIN membership has expanded to include over 65 chapters with individual members across the United States. National conferences provide networking and learning opportunities and attract several hundred attendees and presenters from major utilities, vendors, universities, and government agencies. Members also participate in local and regional chapters, meetings, and activities.


In 2017, the U.S. Women in Nuclear Steering Committee adopted a new structure that provided a Chair and Vice Chair to lead the national organization as part of the Steering Committee. The Nuclear Energy Institute WIN Director transitioned into a liaison role. The Steering Committee, with support from the Nuclear Energy Institute, also instituted the first Executive Advisory Council comprised of executives from the nuclear industry. These changes reflect the evolution of U.S. Women in Nuclear as an organization that is elevating its mission in 2018 to drive focus to the advancement of women in the nuclear industry.



U.S. Women in Nuclear Committees


U.S. WIN Steering Committee – The Steering Committee is focused on the development of strategic and policy issues for the U.S. WIN organization. It is comprised of 15 members representing the diverse U.S. WIN membership, the NEI U.S. WIN Director and Member Emeritus. Meet the Steering Committee HERE


U.S. WIN Executive Advisory Council – The Executive Advisory Council is comprised of executives in the nuclear industry who advocate for U.S. Women in Nuclear. The Council provides strategic advice and serves as a sounding board to the U.S. Women in Nuclear Steering Committee on opportunities to promote the advancement of women. Further, the Council supports and advocates for the WIN organization amongst the nuclear industry executives. Meet the Executive Advisory Council HERE.


U.S. WIN Leading Group – The Leading Group supports U.S. WIN strategic objectives, supports development of the National Conference agenda, provides advocacy of Chapters and Regions at National level, fosters communications between Chapters and Regions, provides advice and guidance in establishing chapters. It is comprised of one representative from each recognized chapter, the U.S. WIN Representative to WiN Global, Steering Committee Members, Standing Committee Chairs, Regional Coordinators, and At-Large Members as invited by the Steering Committee.  View the Leading Group page HERE


U.S. WIN National Conference Committee – The Conference Committee plans and implements an annual national conference that supports the U.S. WIN strategic objectives, provides professional development and national networking opportunities, and recognizes U.S. WIN members and programs. View the Conference Committee page HERE


U.S. WIN Communications Committee – The Communications Committee develops and implements communication strategies via traditional and social media for internal (U.S. WIN membership) and external communication to support the U.S. WIN strategic objectives.  The committee provides development and maintenance of the U.S. WIN website, publishes the WINning Edge Newsletter, generates quarterly membership emails, maintains the U.S. WIN Public Outreach resource library, manages U.S. WIN social media accounts, and hosts an annual Outreach Webinar. The committee has also developed series that showcase individual U.S. WIN members, such as the Member Spotlight, Mentoring Moments, Day in the Life Twitter Takeovers, and Ask a Nuclear Professional. View the Communications Committee page HERE


U.S. WIN Metrics Committee – The Metrics Committee coordinates the capture, compilation, and reporting at the national level, the contributions WIN Chapters are making to their organizations and the nuclear industry. The committee prepares the executive summary report of U.S. WIN Metrics for presentation to the Executive Advisory Council and at Nuclear Strategic Issues Advisory Committee (NSIAC) meetings, and provides metrics data to the Awards and Recognition Committee. View the Metrics Committee page HERE


U.S. WIN Awards & Recognition Committee – The Awards & Recognition Committee develops strategies to recognize U.S. WIN members and programs. The committee recognizes WIN member contributions to their organizations and the nuclear industry, and the accomplishments of our U.S. WIN chapters.  The committee recommends chapters to receive the annual U.S. WIN Chapter Excellence Awards in the following areas: Professional Development, Networking, Public Outreach, and Overall Chapter Excellence.  Certificates are presented during the U.S. WIN Conference Awards Luncheon. View the Awards & Recognition Committee page HERE.  


U.S. WIN Leadership & Champion Awards Committee – An Ad Hoc committee formed annually to select recipients for the U.S. WIN Leadership Award, and the U.S. WIN Champion Award.  The committee screens all nominations and provides recommendations for the award recipients to the U.S. WIN Steering Committee for consensus affirmation.View information on these awards HERE


U.S. WIN Professional Development Committee – The Professional Development Committee develops and implements professional development opportunities for U.S. WIN members aligning to the U.S. WIN strategic objectives. The committee identifies emerging needs and trends, develops appropriate professional development topics and programming, and provides workshops and webinars to meet those needs. The committee has offered certified courses in conjunction with the national conferences since 2011 that provide members with a skill that is important to nuclear professionals. The committee maintains the U.S. WIN Professional Development resource library. The committee designed and piloted the first mentoring program cohort. View the Professional Development Committee page HERE


U.S. WIN GROW Oversight Committee – The Growth, Relationships & Opportunities through WIN (GROW) committee reviews mentoring program applicants and makes appropriate pairings of mentees with mentors. The committee designs and facilitates interactive sessions for all pairings to participate in together, provides materials on a monthly basis to enhance the experience, and provides oversight of the individual pairings of mentors and mentees with regular touchpoints. View the GROW Mentoring Program page HERE


U.S. WIN NEXT Oversight Committee – The Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow (NEXT) oversight committee reviews program nominations, interviews nominees, and selects incoming cohorts. The committee oversees the program content, facilitation, and participation to ensure quality is maintained to provide an immersive experience for participants to further develop professionally and grow their network of industry peers and advocates.View the NEXT Program page HERE


U.S. WIN Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee – The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) committee leads, facilitates, and supports the development of strategic initiatives to create an inclusive work environment and improve gender balance at all levels of the nuclear industry. The committee developed and maintains the U.S. WIN DEI resource library to share best practices and lessons learned. View the DEI Committee page HERE.