Member Spotlight: Tiffani Teachey

Education:         B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. in Engineering Management at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Employment:    Senior Mechanical Engineer, Westinghouse Electric Company

How did you end up in the nuclear field?

I ended up in the nuclear field as an intern at the Electric Power Research Institute while obtaining my graduate degree. After graduating, I was able to continue full time as a project engineer in the energy industry. Within these sixteen years in the industry, I have been able to take part in various nuclear projects, such as design engineering and construction of the pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant (AP1000), and I’m currently working on design engineering and plant modification at a nuclear fuel fabrication facility.

What advice do you have for other women?

Surround yourself with a positive circle of influence. Make sure to get a mentor and sponsor throughout your life and know that if you believe it then, you can achieve it.

Why did you join Women in Nuclear?

I joined WIN because it values the voices and advancement of women in the nuclear energy and technology industry where representation matters.

What is your favorite work memory or accomplishment? My favorite work memory was on 2020 International Women’s Day, my company’s Women in Nuclear (WIN) Chapter recognized me at the Celebration of Westinghouse Electric Company Women Achievement Reception. They acknowledged my work contributions, community engagement, and my bestselling children’s book What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z!

What is your favorite aspect of U.S. WIN?

My favorite aspect of U.S. WIN is being able to serve on my chapter’s Public Outreach and Professional Development committees and collaborating in coordinated activities with U.S. WIN members from other companies to promote nuclear awareness and public engagement.