Growth, Relationships, and Opportunities through WIN (GROW) Mentoring Program Now a Stand-Alone Program

These are exciting times! The GROW Mentoring Program enjoyed great success in its first year as an official program. Because of that success, the program is no longer under the U.S. WIN Professional Development Committee, it is now a stand-alone program.

The program is being chaired by Dr. LaKisha White, Manager, NANTeL of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO). “I am looking forward to leading the program on the continued journey focused on the theme of “Being the Best You” said Dr. White.

The committee has completed matching mentors and mentees for the 2023 – 2024 program year. The program will kickoff in early October.

The GROW Mentoring Program Committee would like to share a short video celebrating National Mentoring Month 2023. It is short (less than 2 minutes) but we like it because it re-charges you when you think about mentoring and the importance of giving to back others.


GROW is one avenue to connect with another nuclear professional at a different experience level to share lessons learned and set professional goals. The purpose of the program is to provide personal development, building a learning culture, build connections and community within the mentoring network, develop leadership skills, support diversity and inclusivity and develop self-confidence and self-awareness.