Mentoring Pilot Program

BENEFIT – Professional Development and Networking

TLC – ” Show up to Teach and Learn and always always….Communicate authentically”

– Juliann Edwards



The U.S. Women in Nuclear Professional Development Committee initiated a pilot program for mentoring within the U.S. WIN organization for those individuals who wish to gain the benefits mentoring and being mentored can offer.


Pilot Program Goals

A)  Pair experienced nuclear professionals with less experienced nuclear professionals or students.

B)  Share lessons learned, anecdotes, OPEX, etc. relating to time in industry or academia.

C)  Set and complete goals using a tracking system for accountability and sharing purposes.

D)  Collect actionable feedback from program participants and use lessons learned to enhance the program prior to large-scale implementation across U.S. WIN.


About Us

The Professional Development Committee launched the U.S. WIN Auxiliary Mentoring Program at the U.S. WIN 2021 Annual Conference. We have 18 pairings participating in the pilot program. The pilot program requires a 12-month commitment with a monthly commitment of approximately one hour.

The purpose of the program is to provide personal development, build a learning culture, build connections and community within the mentoring network, develop leadership skills, support diversity and inclusivity, develop self-confidence and self-awareness.


What the program means to me: Women Empowering Women to Lead with Confidence 

– Kristina Gerber (2021 participant of the U.S. WIN Mentoring Program)


Participants of the 2021 U.S. WIN Mentoring Pilot Program

Carol BarajasAmy Baldwin
Margie BarnesRebecca Oberlander
Denise BrandonRobin Roper
Bonnie BryantAdrianna Lupercio
Lauren CoffeyVic Davis
Jamie ColemanAdria Peterkin
Leah CriderIesha Williamson
Janice CruzKristine Darling
Amanda DongesSarah Sullivan
Juliann EdwardsSara Driscoll
Laura EkernElizabeth Bramer
Kelly FerneauStephanie Meyer
Iba Ello-FletcherAlex Greif
Lynn KolonauskiAvery Wano-Gall
Lynn KolonauskiNicolie Aoki
Rachel LuebbeKristina Gerber
Dr. Catherine RiddleMackenzie Warwick
Maureen ZawalickChristopher Chadwick


U.S. WIN Mentoring Subcommittee

Margie Barnes (Sponsor)

Price Collins

Dr. LaKisha White

Kath Kunz

U.S. WIN Mentoring Oversight Board

Angie Howard

Rebecca Salvadore

Margie Barnes

Carol Barajas