Atomic Allies Webinar – “Expanding Your Outreach Impact: Atomic Allies Nuclear Science Week Tools”

Each year, Nuclear Science Week (NSW) is celebrated on the third week in October. This is an international celebration that aims to educate the public on the five pillars of nuclear science: Carbon-Free Energy, Global Leadership, Transformative Healthcare, Innovation & Technology, and Space Exploration. Nuclear Science Week is a great opportunity to get out into the community to generate support for nuclear science and technology and to inspire future generations to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

This year, U.S. Women in Nuclear partnered with the Atomic Allies (NEI, ANS, NAYGN and U.S. WIN) to host the webinar “Expanding Your Outreach Impact: Atomic Allies Nuclear Science Week Tools” to help our chapters prepare for NSW. The goal of this webinar was to inspire our members to participate in Nuclear Science Week, and to provide resources that empower members to elevate their NSW programming and expand their impact. Presenters from each of the Atomic Allies organizations shared some of the most impactful examples of successful programming, reviewed lessons learned, and facilitated a discussion so all our members can achieve their outreach goals.

During the webinar on September 13th, 2023, members of the Atomic Allies and the President & CEO of the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History shared strategies that have been key to the success of their outreach programs, as well as tools viewers can use to build or expand their own outreach programs. Ideas, timing and strategies for outreach during NSW were also shared.

In the U.S. WIN Outreach Library you can find a recording of the webinar as well as a document containing descriptions and links to the plethora of public outreach resources available across the Atomic Allies sites that were shared during the webinar. The webinar recording is also available on the U.S. WIN YouTube channel. The webinar panelists were:

Guest Keynote: Jennifer Hayden, President & CEO, National Museum of Nuclear Science and History


Dr. Elizabeth Sheridan Sooby, Associate Professor, UTSA, representing ​American Nuclear Society

Sylena Smith, Senior Engineer, Westinghouse, representing U.S. WIN

Katie Mitchell, Mechanical Engineer, KINECTRICS, representing NAYGN

Katie Mummah, Graduate Research Assistant, Los Alamos National Lab, representing American Nuclear Society‘s Young Member Group

Kaitlin Rekola, Senior Staff Counsel for Nuclear Energy Institute, host and moderator

Did this webinar help your chapter host outreach during Nuclear Science Week? Tell us about it! First, submit your outreach event idea and material to the U.S. WIN Outreach Library so that other chapters can learn from your event. Then, submit your Nuclear Science Week activities as an entry to the Most Reactive Chapter contest. The U.S. WIN Communications Committee sponsors a contest between U.S. WIN chapters to encourage outreach activities during the annual Nuclear Science Week. The Chapters are judged on the number of activities held during NSW, the number of participating U.S. WIN members, the number of individuals and public sectors (K-12, civic, government, etc.) reached, and the range of topics covered. Submissions are due by November 30. Visit the Most Reactive Chapter Contest page for more information, including previous winners.