Most Reactive Chapter Contest

The U.S. WIN Communications Committee sponsors a contest between U.S. WIN chapters to encourage outreach activities during the annual National Nuclear Science Week (NSW). The Chapters are judged on the number of activities held during NSW, number of participating U.S. WIN members, number of individuals and public sectors (K-12, civic, government, etc.) reached and the variety of topics covered.


Participating chapters should complete the NSW Chapter Entry Form and submit to [email protected] by the submission deadline of November 30.


2022 Winner: Entergy U.S. WIN Chapter

2021 Winner: University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign U.S. WIN Chapter

2020 Winner: Constellation – Kennett Square U.S. WIN Chapter

2019 Winner: Constellation – Kennett Square U.S. WIN Chapter

2018 Winner: Palo Verde U.S. WIN Chapter

2017 Winner: Nine Mile Point U.S. WIN Chapter

2016 Winner: Savannah River Site U.S. WIN Chapter

2015 Winner: Oak Ridge U.S. WIN Chapter