U.S. WIN Champion Award

This award was established in 2021 to celebrate the executive advocates who openly support and empower women to achieve their professional goals. This award recognizes an individual who serves as a strong advocate, mentor, collaborator, and sponsor of women in the nuclear industry.

Awardees have demonstrated results in the following areas:

  • Actively contributes to the advancement and development of women either inside or outside his/her own organization and publicly celebrates the work and accomplishments of females
  • Supports the development of women and empowers them to engage and leverage their influence
  • Promotes education, career development, and mentorship for women in his/her organization
  • Supports initiatives or programs that enable development and advancement of women in the industry


2022 Champion Award Recipient: Tim Raush


Tim sits on the U.S. WIN Executive Advisory Council. He is active in this role and sits on the Oversight Committee for the WIN Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative. Tim also supports the U.S. WIN Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow program. Tim not only nominated and supported two women from TVA to participate in the program, but he has also presented “Running the Nuclear Business” to each cohort that has been through the program.


Tim has provided organizational and financial support in his organization for women and the U.S. WIN organization to successfully provide opportunities and events in all three of the U.S. WIN strategic objectives. This support has been seen by women and the U.S. WIN organization as a whole.


Tim has been described as a consistent go-to mentor and advisor for the U.S. WIN Steering Committee’s initiatives. He is also said to provide consistent support and, at the same time, provide appropriate challenges and recommendations.


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