Member Spotlight – Jhansi Kandasamy


BSEE from Pennsylvania State University

MBA from Eastern University

Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) Certification


GE-Hitachi -VP of Engineering (2015-Present)

PSEG- Sr. Projects Director/Work Management Director/Regulatory Affairs Manager

Exelon-Regulatory Affairs Director/ Chemistry Manager/Engineering Manager/Maintenance Supervisor/Work Week Manager-Outage Systems manager/systems engineer/

Bechtel- Electrical systems start up engineer/Field Engineer/Contract manager/Project manager

Why did you choose or how did you end up in the nuclear field?

The Limerick Generating Station was near the house we lived in when I was growing up. I worked my summers as an electrical engineering intern at the plant. The engineer to whom I was assigned to gave me challenging assignments that required me to go in the plant on my own, find instruments and design the wiring diagrams. My fear of walking in the plant was replaced by wonder and excitement. I was amazed how drawings on paper became physical moving parts that generated electricity. I am still in awe of the science and engineering behind the workings of a nuclear power plant to generate electricity.

What advice do you have for other women?

You can do anything!  Take on whatever comes your way and excel at it!

Why did you join Women in Nuclear?

WIN is unlike any other professional organization I know. I believe in the organization’s objectives, which center not only the technical aspects of our industry, but professional development and educating the public about nuclear power. I also enjoy being surrounded by beautiful, brilliant and accomplished women in our industry.

What is your favorite work memory or accomplishment?

I was asked to lead a group that was in the bottom of the fleet (tenth) that had gone through eight managers in the previous five years. I had no technical training or working knowledge in this area. My manager told me that I was assigned this role because of my leadership skills.

The influences that kept this organization at the bottom were internal as well as external. I had to truly lead the organization as opposed to managing it. It was not easy to motivate a team that had felt defeated for so long and unable to move up. The group went from the bottom of the fleet to the top in a year and a half. I was proud not only because I was able to turn the group around, but because my manager believed I could do it!

What is your favorite aspect of WIN?

The comradery and friendship built through the years with some of the most amazing, fabulous, brilliant and beautiful people. I enjoy watching and cheering as our members become leaders in the industry and knowing that WIN contributed in some aspect to getting them there!