GROW Mentoring Program: A Mentor-Mentee Pairing – TeShania Bey (Mentee)

This month, we asked one of our GROW mentor-mentee pairs to share their experience in the program. This article features the Mentee, TeShania Bey’s perspective. Check out this link to read the mentor’s perspective.

From the first moment I spoke with my mentor, I felt like I knew her. That first conversation was filled with laughter. I thought to myself immediately, “Oh they matched us good!”

When I saw the email about the GROW Mentoring Program, I had so many questions. Am I too old to be a Mentee? Will I be paired with someone that fits me? Will I benefit from this?  The GROW program would be the first formal mentorship I have taken apart of.  I have had several informal mentorships that didn’t match well and were not right for me.

I told my GROW Liaison that Donna was the perfect match for me. It was like being matched with myself, but with a breath of fresh air. We have had some of the same experiences as women working in the nuclear industry. She was able to offer support, guidance, and a listening ear. I leave with a feeling of motivation and satisfaction after each meeting.

Donna’s encouragement goes further than our scheduled conversations. She once drove from North Carolina to Georgia so that she could attend our Savannah River Site WIN Annual Holiday party with me!  This meant more than any conversation we could have ever had! I felt so special, honored, and supported just by her making the effort to meet in person. She even brought one of her daughters who is also a U.S. WIN member.

I have been telling Donna for months that she is now stuck with me! I am grateful for this opportunity to learn and GROW with her.