US WIN Fall Webinar – Nuclear Economics 101

Webinar: Nuclear Economics 101

Hosted by ANS Young Members Group & U.S. WIN Professional Development Committee


***November 12, 2019: 2-3:30 p.m. Eastern Time****

The ANS Young Members Group and the U.S. WIN Professional Development Committee hosted a joint webinar on nuclear economics on Nov 12th. Katie Mummah who is an active member of both groups moderated and fielded questions from the participants. The panelists were Harsh Desai and Matt Crozat from NEI and Mike Kramer from Exelon. Harsh Desai crafted the presentation and expertly answered questions during Q&A. Matt presented insight into the electricity markets and how nuclear fits into the models, both regulated and non-regulated. Mike brought the plant/utility perspective and fleshed out the costing structure and goals for the industry to be successful into the future. We had a very informative Q&A exchange so much so that we ran out of time! We had a record number of registrations but if you missed the webinar you can still view it. To see the full recording or download the slides from this webinar, please visit the Professional Development Library on the U.S. WIN website.