U.S. WIN Spring Webinar – Scenario Planning: A Study of Our Future to Make Better Decisions Today

On March 3rd, INPO hosted the U.S. WIN Professional Development Spring Webinar, Scenario Planning: A Study of Our Future to Make Better Decisions Today. This topic was covered at the 2019 U.S. WIN National Conference and we were encouraged by the attendees to offer a webinar on the subject. Presented by Zainub Dungarwalla and facilitated by Nita Billingsley, this webinar really challenged all of us to think differently about the future.

As an industry, we need to embrace strategic foresight tools to lead us to success. Zainub suggested that we need to move from forecasting what is probable to what is possible. What can we achieve if we do this?

The utility industry is experiencing an unprecedented paradigm shift – evolving energy markets, excess power on the grid from solar and wind energy, social pressure for cleaner energy sources, demand for greater consumer control, as well as shifting regulatory focuses. It is important to move from working at a micro-level, e.g. exploring technology solutions alone, to taking a macro-approach that allows us to innovate across the intersections of politics, economics, technology, society, and the environment.  By taking time to build a robust industry now, our industry can be more resilient to external forces in the future.

To learn more you can find the slides and a recording of the webinar on the US. WIN website in the Professional Development Library. Check them out!