U.S. WIN GROW Winter General Session Recap

On January 25, 2024, the U.S. WIN GROW program hosted the Winter General Session for the new 2024 cohort members of the mentoring program.

“The Power of Mentoring” session talked about the power of seeing to imagine it.

We heard from U.S. WIN Next graduates (NEXT 23) on their capstone project, “See it to imagine it.” The NEXT 23 cohort discussed how you can choose your own adventure with a focus on while people discover what their purpose is, they can start thinking about potential career paths. This is applicable to professionals in all levels of their career by thinking and reflecting on “what is my purpose” and “how can I be the best me” at that role?

Mandi Brigman reflected on mentoring and said “mentoring is a passion for me…..and solidified that regardless of my path on my nuclear adventure, mentoring needs to be a part of it and it really fills my cup.”

Next, the session continued with a Leadership Fireside Chat on “Finding your superpowers,” discussing how to best find that right balance in the workplace and targeting what your individual superpower is. Susan Landahl, (retired from Constellation) said “…build the confidence and get more comfortable…” is key to career growth. “Looking back on my career…. thinking big and going for it paid off for my career at the site.”

Nicole Flippin (Duke Energy) said “… Authenticity is a superpower. Mimicking other leadership styles doesn’t add to our authenticity as a leader in the nuclear industry…. Think about what are you good at? Think about what really filled you up and made you proud? Lean into and leverage your strengths.”

We are looking forward to the hybrid Spring General Session (in-person and virtual) meeting on May 14, 2024.