U.S. WIN GROW – Call for Interest in Next Cohort


The U.S. WIN GROW Committee is looking forward to opening the application process for the upcoming 2023-2024 program year. The program kickoff will occur in October 2024.

The current program kicked-off on October 10. 2023 with a warm welcome and opening remarks from Juliann Edwards, U.S. WIN Chair, followed by program testimonials from mentor/mentee pairs, Leah Crider and TeShania Bey, and Crystal Slavens and Lisa Zurawski.

Building off the growing success of the 2022-2023 program, the new 2023-2024 program includes 41 mentors and 42 mentees. Mentees focus on “Being the Best You” by meeting with their mentors regularly and participating in GROW program sessions. We’re happy to have mentors return to the program to continue mentoring new members.

Dr. LaKisha White, U.S. WIN GROW program chair provided the charge to participants, by inspiring them to all “pay it forward” by using the skills and knowledge gained in the program and helping others. Next, Carol Barajas, U.S. WIN GROW Oversight Board Member, talked about the importance of mentoring.

Thank you to the 2022-2023 graduates for your dedication and participation in the program and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the 2023-2024 participants!

The U.S. WIN GROW program’s objective is to provide personal development, build a learning culture, build connections and community within the mentoring network, develop leadership skills, support diversity and inclusivity, develop self-confidence and self-awareness.