TMI WIN Reunion
Photo showing the people who attended the Three Mile Island WIN Reunion
TMI WIN Reunion 2022

On December 6, 2022, a reunion of current and past members of the Three Mile Island (TMI) Women in Nuclear (WIN) group gathered at the Tattered Flag in Middletown, PA. There was a total of twenty women in attendance. Of the twenty, seven were women who had retired, three had transferred to other Constellation sites, six took positions in Constellation Corporate (three of which remained as TMI WIN members) and four were TMI site employees.

This was a short notice reunion. It started as one retiree running into one of the women who had transferred to Corporate and having the conversation, “wouldn’t it be great to get everyone together again.”  From there a TEAMS chat started, phone calls and texts were sent, and the reunion was arranged.

Everyone immediately meshed back together like before. Most everyone remains in contact with a smaller group of the WIN members. For example, four of the retirees have reoccurring breakfast. Retirees stated that some traveled, and others took part time jobs because they didn’t like the transition from nuclear to nothing.  Also, some would have not retired at their age but with the plant shutting down it was their best opportunity.

From the women that transferred out to other facilities, it was stated that each site has their own nuances to be learned. Although each of the women have years in the business, being the ‘new kid on site’ was not easy. Apparently, we have a unique communication and acceptance culture at TMI.  Several people expressed that their new sites communication style is very different than TMI. Communications with each other or sometimes within their own department felt not as open or available as that of TMI.  One of the positives is that if there is another person from TMI at their station, they contact them and get help with the issue. In general, all former TMI employees will assist other TMI employees regardless of their location or position.

Two of the Corporate women asked if they could rejoin the TMI WIN Chapter as their U.S. WIN groups are either spread out or are not very active.  Of course, they were welcomed back with open arms.

Combined networking and professional development activities for 2023 were discussed. For example, one of the women had become a Wellness Coach and will be providing a session for our various chapters to attend.

All asked about the remaining employees and plant status as ‘we are a family at TMI’.  Everyone stated they would come back in a heartbeat and truly miss the island, the events we held and the camaraderie.

Information from the reunion was shared with the TMI Site Director. The information gathered will be useful to help others be setup for success when transferring to other stations or retiring as TMI comes to a final close in 2023.