Theresa Bowie Inspires Youth at Leadership Summit

In a packed ballroom at the Hilton Harrisburg, Three Mile Island (TMI) Engineer Theresa Bowie inspired a younger generation on the importance of nuclear energy. Bowie, an early member of Generation Nation, spoke on behalf of Nuclear Powers Pennsylvania, a statewide coalition, at a Model Legislation Convention hosted by the Pennsylvania YMCA.

She discussed her diverse background, which included serving six years in the U.S. Air Force as an electrician. Bowie worked in the steel industry and migrated to PPL before coming to TMI. In her short time with TMI, Bowie expressed her passion for nuclear energy and its benefits. She used this impactful opportunity to persuade hundreds of growing minds to an industry that sparks creativity and innovation.

“I take pride in and value my work because I know that I, and my entire nuclear industry family, am transforming the landscape of how we power our everyday lives,” she said. “Our work enhances the lives of our neighbors, our community, and our environment, because we make possible reliable, carbon-free electricity.”

She spoke with students one-on-one and took photos with them following her speech. Bowie is a great example of using Generation Nation messaging to its fullest potential to reach a new wave of nuclear professionals.