The NEXT Transition 2022

The NEXT Transition 2022

Fall 2022


The Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow community has continued to evolve and expand over the last three years. The NEXT22 cohort had an immersive experience of self-discovery and personal and professional growth at their graduation ceremony during the 2022 U.S. Women in Nuclear Conference in July. The women in NEXT22 are already champions for women at the executive level of the nuclear industry. They are now equipped with skills that help to ensure their continued success while supporting those around them. In doing so, this cohort has produced a Culture of Belonging Toolkit as their capstone. This resource aims to sustainably foster diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure everyone in any community can experience a culture of belonging.

Graduates: NEXT22

Christine Csizmadia

Ashley Finan

Cindy Fung

Danielle Fuson

Katherine Gil

Jenny Hageman

Shannon McArdle

Shannon Rafferty-Czincila

Sabrina Salazar

Rebeka Seemann

Dawn Sileo

Lashawna Stokes

Dominique Wilson

Jennifer Yarbrough

The NEXT23 cohort has officially taken the torch from NEXT22. This new group of women is on their way to a similar journey of self-reflection and searching for their unique voices. They are also growing closer as a team that will produce their capstone next spring. We are pleased to introduce the Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow:

New Cohort: NEXT23

Shannon Bragg-Sitton

Amanda Brigman

Rosanne Carmean

Bobbi Jo Halvorson

Alicia Jenkins

Shelly Kugler

Putri Dwi Kusumawati Murray

Vanessa Locke

Amy McMartin

Fabricia Pineiro Tresierra

Erin Searcy

Desiree Wolfgramm

Alexandra Zelaski

Download this release here. More information regarding the Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow program can be found here.