Steering Committee Approves Changes to U.S. WIN Strategic Objectives

For more than a decade, the U.S. Women in Nuclear national organization and local chapters across the country have successfully carried out efforts supporting three foundational pillars: networking, professional development, and public outreach. These three pillars reflected our strategic objectives:

  • Drive a culture in nuclear energy and technology in which individuals succeed
  • Create professional development and networking opportunities for career advancement
  • Enhance understanding and awareness of the value of nuclear energy and technology.

Work supporting these pillars has impacted the lives of thousands of women in the nuclear industry and has amplified the positive impacts of the nuclear industry to many more people. Since 2018 when U.S. WIN adopted a new structure and a new vision for the organization, the national organization has been evolving to increase our focus on the advancement of women in the nuclear industry. As a part of this evolution, the U.S. WIN steering committee has approved a new set of strategic objectives for the organization going forward.

First U.S. WIN Strategic Objective: Attract a diverse workforce to pursue professions and trades in the nuclear sector.

Second U.S. WIN Strategic Objective: Foster a culture of inclusion and belonging that retains a diverse workforce in the nuclear sector.

Third U.S. WIN Strategic Objective: Create professional development and networking opportunities for career advancement.

Fourth U.S. WIN Strategic Objective: Inspire advocacy and public support for the advancement of nuclear energy and technology.

We are an organization that was founded to increase representation of women. For more than two decades, we have built, refined, and managed to create sustainable programs that accomplish that very thing. Representation was only the start. Moving forward, we will be leading the way to solve one of the nuclear industry’s greatest challenges: workforce management. Our 5,000+ members will be the unstoppable force and infectious energy required to attract, retain, and advance the diverse workforce our industry needs. Buckle up!