Professional Development Committee Mentoring Program Kick-Off

The Professional Development Committee is preparing to launch the U.S. WIN Auxiliary Mentoring Program at the U.S. WIN 2021 Annual Conference. We will have 18 pairings to participate in the pilot program. Initial contact between each pairing will be made prior to the conference.

The purpose of the program is to provide personal development, build a learning culture, build connections and community within the mentoring network, develop leadership skills, support diversity and inclusivity, develop self-confidence and self-awareness.

Training will be provided to all participants on Sunday, August 1st to ensure the pilot is successful. Please note the pilot requires a 12-month commitment with a monthly commitment of approximately one hour. Additionally, there will be monthly touchpoints with your subcommittee team lead. An oversight board will monitor the success of the program and report out to the Steering Committee on a quarterly basis. The pilot will conclude July 2022.