NEXT: Spring 2022

The NEXT22 cohort is wrapping up the second half of the year-long executive leadership training program through U.S. Women in Nuclear and the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI). For the first time since the inaugural cohort (NEXT20) started, the participants of the Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow (NEXT) got to meet in person and strengthen their bond as a team. The group participated in the April session at the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) in Atlanta, GA, instead of the Zoom meetings to which we have all grown accustomed. Their adventure included cohort bonding activities, meetings with leaders of U.S. Women in Nuclear and their own Chief Nuclear Officers, and ultimately planning for their culminating capstone project. As their year comes to an end, we invite everyone to join the NEXT program at the annual U.S. Women in Nuclear conference to celebrate these soon-to-be graduates and learn about the toolkit they have been developing for all U.S. WIN members to utilize.

As NEXT22 prepares for their exit, the NEXT23 class is preparing to begin their year-long journey of personal and professional growth starting this summer. Stay tuned for more information on how NEXT22 finishes the year, and the new group gets grounded. For more information on the Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow program, please contact Eunice Deras at [email protected] for questions.