NEXT in the New Year

‘Catalytic’, ‘eye-opening’, and ‘transformational’ are just a few of the words women of the Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow (NEXT) program have used to describe their experience during and after their time with the NEXT team. Some were surprised to learn “what you can accomplish if you step outside your comfort zone,” where one participant remarked that “I feel like I have found my voice” and now “have the confidence to be more authentic” in the workplace. Others have seen NEXT as “stress relief in a challenging year,” and “love the space we are providing for each of us to be unapologetically us. It’s a beautiful thing.” Life-changing relationships have been built through NEXT as some feel “a greater sense of community with this group of talented women. Having a network to relate to on so many levels is empowering.”

NEXT22, the third generation in the Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow program, has reached the half-way point in their individual journeys of self-discovery. Preparing to embark on their final mission, their group capstone project, these women will be leaning on their new community for support in a variety of ways. The first cohort, NEXT20, developed their capstone as a website to provide resources for women in executive leadership positions, specifically within the nuclear industry. NEXT21 created a series of Mentoring Moments with their #NukeBoss Instagram account and hashtag where they share words of wisdom for those looking to grow within the industry. We can’t wait to see what NEXT22 develops this spring.

Overall, the people who comprise the NEXT community cares deeply about the future of each participant, and each other. It has been said that “love is at the heart of this program.” Each meeting in and about the program is engrained with exactly that. One participant summarized the NEXT program when she noted that “the people in the program make the program what it is. The women [participating] in it are highly engaged and willing to share. The facilitators have helped to create a safe environment to be ourselves in. I’ll forever be grateful for being in this program at this time!”

The applications for the fourth cohort of the Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow, NEXT23, will open soon. Please visit the NEXT Website for more information.

NEXT January 2022