Members-at-Large: Defined and Energized

U.S. WIN is working to identify and implement initiatives to increase visibility and participation for WIN Members-at-Large (MAL): any U.S. WIN member without an active chapter affiliation.  MALs may be members at universities or companies that don’t yet have a WIN chapter, retirees, and workers at remote locations, to name a few.   The ad hoc MAL committee, formed to lead the effort, is comprised of MAL volunteers and a MAL lead from each region:

  • Jessica Walker, Jensen Hughes – Region I lead
  • Leslie Douglas, NuScale – Region II lead
  • Holly Hernandez, Xcel Energy – Region III lead
  • Colette Clermont, Palo Verde – Region IV

Savannah Fitzwater and Gilda Bocock are current US WIN steering committee members supporting the MAL committee as members and liaisons.

There are lots of ways Members-At-Large can be involved as individuals and at the regional and national levels. Here are just a few:

  • Follow U.S. WIN on social media.
    – Retweet / share posts that resonate with you. Adding your own comment when you repost increases the likelihood that your family and friends will read it.
    – Engage in respectful and professional interactions through the comments. Tell your story and share your experiences.
  • Participate in regional and national U.S. WIN workshops and conferences.
    – Attend the conferences.
    – Get involved in the conference planning committees.
    – Share your ideas for topics and speakers using the Conference Agenda Portal on the U.S. WIN website…/submit-your-us-win-conference-sugg…/
  • Participate in U.S. WIN Professional Development webinars.
  • Join a committee and take a more active, ongoing role in the U.S. WIN organization. Standing committees at the national level include:
    – Awards and Recognition
    – Professional Development
    – Communications
    – Metrics
    – Conference
  • Join our MAL ad-hoc committee focused on how to better engage and support our At-Large members. (If you are interested in participating, contact Steering Committee At-Large Liaison, Gilda Bocock.)
  • Join a book club hosted by the Professional Development or MAL committees.
  • Participate with local chapters at events open to MALs.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to activate the untapped energy of MALs!