Member At Large Opportunity

Jessica Hughes, Jensen-Hughes

Jessica Walker from Jensen Hughes was able to participate in a wonderful outreach event virtually for both 2020 and 2021.  The Connecticut Invention Convention is part of a global organization that encourages students of all ages (ranges from elementary to 12th grade) to use their critical thinking skills to invent a project.  The Invention Convention is a great outreach opportunity for members at large because they are looking for individual volunteers all the time.  Jessica participated in the judging for the CT final rounds in person in 2019.  This provided a great opportunity to encourage engineering skills in students and get out into her community.  When the judging was moved to virtual in 2020, she was still able to participate by sitting in on multiple judging panels during the 2 week window.  Jessica reported: “This is by far one of my favorite U.S. WIN activities and I can’t wait to continue the participation in 2022.”

The Invention Convention has many opportunities all over the United States. This outreach can be done individually or in small groups and does not require a lot of pre-work.  It is perfect for Member-at-Large (MAL) members to get out and help your community.

If you are interested in finding an Invention Convention near you: