U.S. Women in Nuclear Launches Women’s Leadership Cohort Program at 20th Anniversary Conference

What’s New?
An exciting new Women’s Leadership Cohort program will provide a year of innovative training and networking opportunities to talented women working in the nuclear industry.

This 12-month pilot program is the first of its kind in nuclear and aims to elevate strong female leaders. It was developed and produced by U.S. Women in Nuclear, with sponsorship and support from the Nuclear Energy Institute.

The program kicks off at the U.S. WIN 20th Anniversary National Conference in Chicago on July 29-31.

Fast Facts:

  • The pilot includes a dozen women on track for executive level positions across the nuclear industry.
  • They will spend the year gaining experience and knowledge through open dialogue with chief executives, stakeholders and other experts. The group will have three face-to-face sessions and four virtual sessions.
  • Participants will learn about leveraging authenticity and emotional intelligence to address leadership challenges, including gender diversity, in handling business strategy issues all while building relationships and a broader support network.
  • For more information, email [email protected]

Why It Matters:
Women continue to be under-represented in STEM-related jobs and in the nuclear industry, especially in top leadership positions. This program will help build relationships within the cohort group and with industry executives to provide a strong and sustainable career network. These female leaders will gain new skills and additional training to help their companies achieve their long-term business goals.

What U.S. WIN’s Chair, Susan Korn, has to say about the program:
“The Women’s Leadership Cohort program is an exciting and innovative way U.S. WIN is supporting rising female leaders in nuclear. Our first group of ‘cohorts’ includes bright women from companies across the country, with backgrounds ranging in operations, engineering, training, regulatory affairs, human resources and maintenance. I know they will learn as much from each other as they will from the development experts and industry leaders they will work with each month. The greatest success of this program will be amplifying the inherent talents of each of these women.”

The 2019 Leadership Cohorts
Laura Basta, Duke-Robinson
Amanda Donges, INPO
Kelly Ferneau, AEP
Nicole Flippin, Duke-Catawba
Erin Henderson, TVA
Lisa Hilbert, Dominion-North Anna
Kendra Hullum-Lawson, DTE Fermi
Christine Kenny, PSEG
Norha Plumey, Exelon-LaSalle
Danielle Ramaley, Westinghouse
Christina Reff, Energy Northwest
Rebecca Salvadore, Exelon-Peach Bottom

The Big Picture:
This first of a kind Women’s Leadership Cohort will provide an intimate network for ambitious women in the nuclear industry intended to help each other succeed. The long-term relationships amongst cohort members and industry executives will provide a sustainable career network both now and in the future.

2019 U.S. WIN Leadership Cohort Press Release