Gilda Bocock’s Mentoring Moment for #NukeBoss October 2023

We had a great #NukeBoss Mentoring Moment last week from U.S. WIN Members-at-Large lead Gilda Bocock. Gilda encouraged other U.S. WIN members to be their whole self at work. We’ve included the Instagram posts from her Mentoring Moment below.

Gilda gave us one of her favorite photos for Friday’s post. She told us, “I met Anne Marie and Alyssa when they were students attending their first U.S. WIN conference. I’ve been inspired watching them through the years as they served in their U.S. WIN Student chapters and on national committees, completed their degrees and now work in the industry.  From the beginning of careers to the end, and beyond, U.S. WIN makes a difference for individuals, the nuclear industry and the world.”