Fluor’s Lisa Davies Named a 2018 Global Energy Awards Finalist by S&P Global Platts

In December, S&P Global Platts recognized Lisa Davies, project engineering manager, as a Global Energy Awards Rising Star finalist. Winners were announced at the annual awards banquet on December 6 in New York.

With Fluor, Davies resides in Greenville, South Carolina and is a member of U.S. Women in Nuclear, Region II.

She is currently serving as the project engineering manager for Fluor supporting Ontario Power Generation’s nuclear waste management facilities. The Rising Star award recognizes leaders who have made remarkable strides in their current role, impacting their industry.

Davies’ 20-year career in the nuclear industry has been predominately focused on developing and implementing technologies and strategies for domestic and international nuclear power plant radwaste treatment and disposal facilities that foster safer, economical and more efficient next generation nuclear power plants, minimize radwaste generation, reduce radwaste volumes in interim storage structures and protect the public and the environment.

Davies’ start in nuclear was happenstance. As a new graduate, Davies was heavily recruited by the oil and gas industry for field engineer roles. Intrigued with the possibility of adventure working in locations across the globe, she accepted her first assignment in oil and gas in Texas. As part of her qualifications to become a field engineer, she completed a three-month training program which included nuclear engineering related to nuclear sources for oil field explorations. The work, though technically rewarding, presented a work-life balance challenge. 


During her tenure in the oil and gas industry, she had gained experience in nuclear engineering and source handling and radworker training which led her to the next role as a consultant to commercial operating nuclear plants and disposal sites.

“The nuclear industry is a perfect fit for me,” shared Davies. “The industry is very dynamic and challenging. I thrive on finding workable and innovative solutions to complex issues.”

She has worked on every facet of the nuclear plant life-cycle. Her work has included leading the mechanical balance of plant design team on the NuScale small modular reactor design certification application project; completing research on the feasibility of high-density polyethylene high integrity containers to support radwaste in extended storage for up to 80 years; and providing strategic planning in waste management generation, processing and storage for a commercial nuclear facility outside the U.S.

Join Fluor is congratulating Davies on this prestigious recognition.

Lisa Davies