A Middletown Area High School sophomore contacted Tammy Hanlon, asking if her teacher, some of her fellow students and herself could visit Three Mile Island (TMI) to make a video interview of a few TMI employees to get their perspective on Nuclear Energy. The students were working on a project for their Creative Living elective mixed grade class on how to persuade others to have a balanced outlook on nuclear power. By visiting TMI, they could talk to TMI employees about what it’s like to be in the shoes of a nuclear professional at a nuclear plant instead of reading facts on the internet that may not be true. WIN members in the Chemistry, Systems Engineering, Reactor Engineering, and Information Technology departments were on the panel that was interviewed. Some of the questions the students asked were:

What is a positive outlook on nuclear energy?

What is a day at Three Mile Island like for you?

Are there any hazards of nuclear power?

How is nuclear power produced?

How does nuclear energy effect the environment?

What kinds of resources does nuclear energy require?

How likely is something bad to occur at TMI?

The students were very engaged in the discussion with TMI employees and wanted to ensure they captured everything they needed to make their video successful. The students walked away with a positive perspective on nuclear energy that they were eager to share with their classmates. The iMovie that the students created was shown to their Creative Living classmates with a discussion afterwards.