Empowering Women in Nuclear

The U.S. Women in Nuclear journey over the last 25 years is a remarkable story, one I find myself speaking of frequently. I was reconnecting with Osama Baig earlier this year on the amazing progress our organization has made with our strategic objectives, and he asked that we share that with a broader audience: his viewers on “Going Nuclear.” You may remember Osama as he is an industry partner to U.S. WIN through our collaboration in 2020 for Women’s History Month.

Our network is a tool in our toolbox we must continue to sharpen. Continue to expand. Continue to unite. With allies in the industry, we are able to unite our voices for change and deliver upon the sustainable energy future.  I hope you will tune in and listen to Going Nuclear Podcast and feel empowered knowing that the leaders within U.S. WIN are hard at work delivering upon the objectives we shared at our conference in July 2023.