Chapter Challenge: Explore the Professional Development Library

The U.S. WIN Professional Development (PD) Committee is challenging every U.S. WIN Chapter to try at least one of the activities posted to the PD Library, located on the U.S. WIN website. The Duke Energy Chapter started the trend by watching the recording, “Powering Space Missions with Nuclear Power,” submitted by DC WIN. Two slide decks were provided with the link to the YouTube video.

Thirty-nine members were in attendance (plus 7 who attended half-time) and engaged throughout the video using the Teams chat function. The video was an opportunity for members to learn more about a technical aspect of our nuclear power industry. It was interesting to hear how long ago the concept was developed! When members where asked if they wanted to watch the video short mentioned in the session, it was a unanimous yes.

Below are some of the comments attendees posted:

  • WOW! That’s a lot of missions using this technology.
  •  My name was on the microchip!
  • Pluto is still a planet to me…
  • Anyone interested in seeing the seven minutes of terror video before we end the session?? It’s about
    5.5 minutes long>>7 minutes in 5.5…. you bet!
  •  My TA for several classes at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was Adam Steltzner, who led the
    EDL team.
  • Super cool!!
  • Very interesting!

We encourage every U.S. WIN Chapter to check out this PD Library session!