Being The Best You

“I can already tell that my self-confidence has improved as a mentee.  Knowing that I have someone who believes in me and is willing to help me navigate challenges has been incredible.” – Sarah Sullivan


The U.S. WIN Mentoring pilot program continues its steady march forward.  There are two components to the program:

  1. The first component is the individual component of the program that occurs monthly at a minimum consisting of meetings between the mentors and mentees. This part of the program is designed to work on personal and/or professional attributes the mentee has chosen to develop.
  2. The second is more structured and designed to build the team which consists of all members of the program participating in general sessions. The general sessions are designed for professional development of the team.  View this component as information we want the whole team to have to build on the individual sessions. It is also during the general sessions where the individuals can share what is working well or challenging them in the program. This information is key so the program can be modified as needed to support the participants. The first general session was held on December 9th.

The theme of the first general session was “Being the Best You.”  Tanya Hamilton, (Duke Energy); Jhansi Kandasamy, (Idaho National Laboratory); and Norha Plumey, (Exelon Generation) shared their stories with the participants of the program.  Captured below each participant are notable quotes or sayings from the general session along with any book recommendations.









Own the value you bring to the table!

Get out of your comfort zone that’s where the growth occurs

Asking for help or being vulnerable by exposing your gaps and weaknesses can create relationships and build alignment

Book – Letters to My Former Self: What would you tell yourself if you could rewind the clock

– Tanya Hamilton


Grow your network both professionally and socially

Who r u going to call?

What value do you bring to the relationship and what expectations do you have from the relationship?

Treat things as learning opportunities

Be a positive force – only you can make the difference

– Jhansi Kandasamy


Know your strengths and weaknesses

We learn most through our failures / grow through challenges

Live your core values

Listen to your team / Listen more than talk

The best of you are many things not just one thing. For example, I am a mother, wife, engineer, operator, and mentor / sponsor

Never be afraid to go through challenges, say “Yes, AND….”

-Norha Plumey

Let’s continue to build our current and future leaders with TLC -” Show up to Teach and Learn and always always…Communicate authentically

“Having provided an outlet and community for under-represented groups in our industry, the WIN Mentoring Program has afforded me the opportunity to connect with an extraordinary woman and mentor who has acted as a sounding board from the simplest of discussions amongst coworkers to navigating challenging workplace politics.  In addition to offering endless encouragement, she has assisted in setting both career and personal goals and maintained my own accountability and growth during the process.  We have laughed, cried, and enjoyed the safe place to discuss challenging topics that can be difficult to communicate with our co-workers, spouse, or management teams.” – Sara Driscoll

Recording of the general session will be available in the Professional Development Library on the U.S. WIN website.