U.S. WIN Webinar – Working from Home: Lessons Learned
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On April 28, 2020, U.S. WIN hosted a professional development webinar on working from home. This webinar included presentations from Jamie Coble, Julie Ezold, and Angie Howard.

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Many of us are dealing with a new normal. We have all been thrust into a new way of working, schooling, and socializing by the Pandemic. How do we deal with the technical and emotional issues? How do you stay productive? How do we support our families? How do we keep connections?

Panelists talked about their experiences and shared some tips on how to navigate the reality of working from home.

Slides and a recording of the webinar are available below.

Jamie Coble, PhD – Jamie is an Associate Professor and Assistant Department Head of Undergraduate Studies and Service in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Her research and teaching focus on applications of data analytics for process and equipment monitoring and prognostics for nuclear power applications.

Julie Ezold – Julie is the Cf-252 Program Manager at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Her 27 years of experience includes oversight management for R&D, criticality safety engineering, and technical support for Environmental Restoration projects. She is a long-time active member of U.S. WIN and the recipient of the 2009 Patricia Bryant Leadership Award.

Angie Howard – Angie is President of Howard – Johnson Associates, a private consulting business she started 10 years ago.  Angie had a 40 year career with NEI, INPO and Duke Energy.  She is a founding member of U.S. WIN and serves on the Organizations Steering Committee.

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