TVA WIN Conference
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Internal WIN member TVA conference. Theme was Connect and Grow. Sessions focused on personal connection and growth and company connection and growth. Networking event closed out the day with refreshments and an area plant store hosting a succulent bar where participants created their own succulent to take home.

Estimated Prep Time:
60 hour(s)
Estimated Activity Time:
8.5 hour(s)
Estimated Total Time:
68.5 hour(s)
  • Leadership Development
  • Networking
  • Self-Awareness and Growth
  • Self-Confidence
  • Social Intelligence
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  • Group
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Activity Type:
Interactive Activity
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Registration was through Eventbrite website.  In-house auditorium was used for sessions; in-house area also used for networking event.  We advertised well within the WIN members but did not advertise well with nuclear fleet leaders; we only invited executives.  Moving forward, we plan to invite more non-WIN member leadership and men to promote WIN and develop more allies among our male counterparts.

We had many pre-conference meetings to ensure success.  Recommend that actions are captured at these meetings with appropriate owner and due dates.

The networking event in the afternoon that allowed participants to create their ‘take home gift’ was enjoyed by many and provided a different networking approach.

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