Treat Trail Halloween Networking / Networking Event
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Members of WIN and NA-YGN “trick-or-treat” at others’ desk during the day going from desk-to-desk to learn about co-workers.

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1 hour(s)
  • Networking
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  • Group
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Ready-To-Go Event
Activity Type:
Interactive Activity
Detailed Description and Instructions:

Supplies needed include orange and black helium balloons for each participant’s desk along with brown paper bags to collect treats. The participants are responsible for purchasing the treats they will pass out at their desk.

The coordinator of the event distributes the balloons and treat bags to all members participating.

An email goes out to each WIN and NA-YGN member regarding the event and seeking their participation.

Members “trick or treat” at others’ desk during the day. Each participant provides a bowl of treats. WIN and NA-YGN members each obtain a balloon to mark their desk as a “treat trail” stop (black for NA-YGN, orange for WIN). Members go from desk to desk to learn where other people sit and have a short time to network and learn about their coworkers.

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