Netflix Series Discussion: Meltdown – Three Mile Island
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Summary of Activity:

Members watch the mini series "Meltdown: Three Mile Island" on their own and then meet to discuss their thoughts.

Meltdown: Three Mile Island tackles the near catastrophe at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant and the whistleblower who spoke up to protect the community. Insiders recount the events, controversies and lingering effects of the worst nuclear incident in U.S. history.

Estimated Prep Time:
4 hour(s)
Estimated Activity Time:
4 hour(s)
Estimated Total Time:
8 hour(s)
  • Networking
  • Nuclear Advocacy
  • Technical
Target Audience:
  • Group
Submission Type:
Ready-To-Go Event
Activity Type:
Interactive Activity
Detailed Description and Instructions:

Event Preparation: Watch each episode and take notes of what occurred within the episode. Formulate talking points and/or questions from things that were said or unanswered questions you have from the episode. Discuss those thoughts and questions with the other members.

Event Execution: Create four virtual meeting invites for 1 hour each. Ask each member to watch Episode #1 before meeting #1 and so on. Create a power point with talking points and questions for each episode. Include links to other supporting videos or pictures if needed.

Lessons Learned: Virtual meeting could be reduced to 45 min in order to have more to talk about in the last meeting. The first meeting had lots of participation, where the forth meeting lacked attendance and participation.

Recommendations for Advertising/Notification of Event: Advertise event through email and attach virtual meeting invite.

Attached: PowerPoint presentation with talking points, questions and links to videos.


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