Mentoring Moments developed by the 2020 NEXT class
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Each year the Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow (NEXT) cohort has a capstone project. The 2020 NEXT cohort chose to make short videos, or "Mentoring Moments" that were created to be a modern take on mentoring. These videos share the things they wish they knew earlier - including professional, personal, and nuclear industry content. They know that not everything will be relatable to everyone but commit to providing a wide variety of perspectives.

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0 hour(s)
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0.5 hour(s)
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  • Leadership Development
  • Mentoring
  • Self-Awareness and Growth
  • Self-Confidence
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  • Group
  • Individual
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Ready-To-Go Event
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Video or Recording
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The cohort created an Instagram account where they post the videos each Wednesday during the 2020-2021 year so that viewers can interact with the mentor through comments on the video. The Instagram account handle is @nukeboss_uswin and the hashtag is #NukeBoss.


The videos can be viewed on the Instagram account at

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