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An Introduction to Nuclear Energy through hands-on activities and games geared to teaching about electricity, nuclear energy, and radiation.  Come by to learn how nuclear energy produces electricity and have fun in the process!

Estimated Prep Time:
Estimated Activity Time:
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  • Nuclear 101
  • STEM – General
Target Audience:
  • General Public
  • Primary School Students
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Ready-To-Go Event
Activity Type:
Activity or Demonstration
Detailed Description and Instructions:

Supplies: (i.e., paper, pencils, markers)
Table 1: Brochures, bags, pellet cards, U.S. WIN Mints, pop-up display and lollipop cards
Table 2: Windmill generator demonstration
Table 3 (or tables 3A & 3B if space): Radioactive decay activity
Table 4: radiation monitor

Number of Students:
75-100 students/hour
If all 4 stations are set up, can handle ~20 students at a time – split equally among the different stations.
Time with Each Student:
1 to 3 minutes per station, depending on engagement
4 to 12 minutes total, depending on engagement

Event Preparation: (i.e., group meeting(s), dry run)
Arrangement of tables: The tables are either set up in a straight line or are angled to form a semi-circle. This depends on the space available and the clearance for the walkway.
Order of the tables can really be setup in what every logical flow you like. Just be sure to have a “story” to transition between tables.

Advertising/Notification of Event:

Emails, Facebook event, etc.

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Also see “Lollipop Facts Handout” in the Outreach Library.

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