Statistical Half-Life Math Activity
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This is a math activity geared toward 10th and 11th graders and is meant to exercise (relatively) advanced knowledge and skills that high school students with an aptitude for math and science should master. This activity reinforces the concepts of mean, standard deviation, exponential curves, collecting data to test a hypothesis, using a spreadsheet, fitting an expression to a data set, and radioactive decay.

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  • STEM – General
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  • Secondary School Students
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Ready-To-Go Event
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Activity or Demonstration
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The posted zip file provides the following resources:

  • StatisticalHalfLifeMathActivity.pdf provides an overview of the activity.
  • Statistical Radioactive Half Life Student Worksheet.pdf provides a worksheet for the students participating in the activity.
  • StatisticalHalfLifeMathActivity.xlsx provides the activity spreadsheet for facilitators.

This activity has been used during the Westinghouse-Pittsburgh Chapter’s Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (IGE).

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