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Understanding your audience & platform to be the most effective on social media. Learn about what works best on various platforms and how to gain traction.

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  • Nuclear 101
  • STEM – General
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  • General Public
  • Professionals or Adults
  • Secondary School Students
  • U.S. WIN Members
  • University Students
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Handout or Flyer
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WIN Social Media Tips

Understanding your audience & platform

  • Consider the demographics of your social followers – for example, how knowledgeable are they about nuclear?
  • Best posts for Facebook: photos/videos, quotes, memes, fill in the blank, questions
  • Best posts for Twitter: include photos (images better than videos), ask questions, keep it short and include links
  • Best posts for LinkedIn: Business/industry-relevant news, blogs, commentary on shared posts, video, all-text lists, infographics

Content Ideas: The goal is to educate audience on nuclear industry while also publicizing WIN

  • Informative and infographic posts. Use of comparison in reference to nuclear energy (e.g 1 uranium pellet = 1000 tons of coal.) Comparisons work well on social media and tend to be widely shared and spur conversation
  • Benefits of nuclear power with an emphasis on it being clean. Hashtags #cleanenergy #climate are very widely used
  • Leverage industry buzz words to create content and populate the hashtag
  • Gain recognition by interacting with popular handles that are also in the nuclear industry
  • Use #NuclearPower #NuclearEnergy where relevant and populate #WomenInNuclear
  • Interact with a younger demographic, especially high school and college girls on Twitter, STEM academies, and colleges with top nuclear engineering programs. Engage with them and give advice, publicize internship opportunities, scholarships etc
  • Have a branded segment on twitter that is reoccurring, either weekly/monthly
  • Incorporate animated photos and short clips into media content like NRC does
  • Talk more about WIN, inform the public of WIN’s existence, its accomplishments and goals, how to join the organization
  • Day in the life of: Pick an area of nuclear that women work in and spotlight what their daily duties involve. This could be achieved my humanizing the content and selecting a woman in nuclear to discuss her day/roles are
  • Unsung female heroes of Nuclear science and celebrating women in sciences
  • Engage with industry influencers, as well as private users who are also nukes (@nuclearkatie) Katie Mummah, Oak Ridge National Lab, Generation atomic
  • Host a Twitter chat with women in nuclear
  • Get verified
  • Get more tips from the IAEA here
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