Post-9/11 testing of Containment Wall Strength
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This is a brief video showing a post 9/11 test where a jet plane is flown into a simulated containment wall to verify Nuclear Containment Structures can withstand the impact of a terrorist attack.

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  • National Security
  • Nuclear Power
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This is a 48 second video showing a test that was conducted after the 9/11 terrorist attack to ensure nuclear power plants are not vulnerable to a similar method of attack. The video shows a jet plane bolted to a track and flown into a simulated containment wall.  The jet disintegrates on contact while the wall stands firm, showing that Nuclear Containment Buildings can withstand the impact.

I like to incorporate this video into my presentations because it is an easy way to help keep your audience engaged, and it also is a demonstration of the industry’s dedication to safety and robust plant designs.

You will need a computer, internet availability (if performed at work, verify in advance that work will allow you to access this video on YouTube), and a projector if it is for a large group. Speakers are optional but preferred, as the commentary is interesting.

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