Nuclear Facts and Myths
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PowerPoint presentations with information about nuclear facts and myths regarding industry, power, and safety.

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  • Nuclear 101
  • Nuclear Power
  • STEM – General
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  • General Public
  • Primary School Students
  • Professionals or Adults
  • Secondary School Students
  • University Students
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Ready-To-Go Event
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Option #1

As an interactive break from your presentation, have the group stand up. Designate one

side of the room as the FACT side and the other as the MYTH side. Have a Volunteer

stand at each side with a sign. Read the first question/statement then ask the individuals

to go to the MYTH side if they think that statement is a myth or the FACT side if they

think the statement is a fact. Allow 5-10 seconds for each individual to decide.

Then flip to the next slide with the answer and discuss why it’s a fact/myth. Repeat.

Option #2

For a small group, provide each of the question statements to everyone on a card.

Ask them to turn the card over and write why they think it’s a fact or myth. Go around

the room and ask each person to read their statement and explain why they think it’s a

fact/myth. Tell them the correct answer. This can also be done in a small groups of 1-4.

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