Lollipop Facts Handout
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A lollipop with a small, paper flyer with nuclear energy facts: a simple give-away that makes people stop and think.

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  • Nuclear Power
  • Nuclear Waste Management
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  • General Public
  • Professionals or Adults
  • University Students
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Ready-To-Go Event
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Handout or Flyer
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This activity uses a simple lollipop to communicate a power, pro-nuclear message. Little flyers are cut apart and hole punched to slip over a lollipop stick. They can be handed out at any event to raise awareness about the benefits of nuclear energy and to put nuclear waste into perspective. The main points are:

If this lollipop were made of Uranium-235:

  • It would supply the average American’s energy needs for 84 years.
  • The waste would be the size of this lollipop after 84 years.
  • It would eliminate 624 tons of greenhouse gas from equivalent coal generation.

Information about Uranium and the chapter logo can be added. Prep time is 1-5 hours (depending on number of lollipops – 5 hours can result in 10,000 lollipop flyers) and activity time is 0.5-5 hours depending on the target audience. The final assembly looks like this:

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