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Presentation for fourth to fifth graders featuring basics about energy and nuclear power.

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  • Nuclear 101
  • Nuclear Career Options
  • Nuclear Power
  • STEM – General
Target Audience:
  • Primary School Students
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Ready-To-Go Event
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Detailed Description and Instructions:

Supplies: (i.e., paper, pencils, markers)

20 M&Ms (if you will let them eat them) in plastic zip lock bag (one for each Girl Scout)

Hula-hoop or masking tape to create “nucleus”

1-2 balloons per participant plus at least 1 extra

Any give aways (pellet cards, lolly pop cards, U.S. WIN careers in nuclear brochure, facts about nuclear power brochure, etc)

Equipment: (i.e., laptop, projector, whiteboard)


Presentation Material


Event Preparation: (i.e., group meeting(s), dry run)

Dry run of presentation is helpful; contact with Troop leader to ensure no food allergies with M&Ms/snacks provided

Lessons Learned:

– Ensure the first set of 10 slides are interactive- Ask the troop questions before you show the slide/answer.

– Take a break before you do Facts/Myths and Careers (if you are including)

– Facts/Myths can be interactive by having participants go to one side of the room if they think it’s a fact and the other side of the room if it’s a myth

– Parents ask as many questions as the Troop so be prepared to talk about things like radiation dose (in everyday life, at the doctor, or due to an accident) and Fukushima or any local events that happened at a local nuclear facility

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