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Kahoot is a great way to host a multiple player trivia game. This is a quick game about myths and misconceptions of radiation and applications.

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Kahoot is a free trivia game used by educators and others (you can pay for premium if you want). People can play with their phones in the classroom, at a “science PUB,” or outreach event. The person “hosting” needs to know the correct answers (play it once to make sure) and can provide comments as you go. I was a science pub speaker the first time I used it, and the general public audience really enjoyed it. Depending on the audience and their background, you can explain more detail.

For more information, contact Candace Davison, Penn State.


If you use Kahoot – I made a public quiz called Totally Rad 2 about Radiation Applications myths and misconceptions.  Contact me if you have trouble finding it.


If you want to make your own Kahoot sign up.  https://kahoot.com/


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