Hybrid Energy Panel
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The purpose of this panel is to bring energy engineers of all forms together to discuss the ways that different energy systems can collaborate to reduce carbon emissions.

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  • Nuclear 101
  • Nuclear Power
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  • Professionals or Adults
  • U.S. WIN Members
  • University Students
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Ready-To-Go Event
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This was inspired based on work by the Carbon Mitigation Initiative at Princeton. They want to bring down our emissions by 200 billion tons over the next 50 years. Their plan is composed of 8 different “stabilization wedges” to bring us to a stable level of carbon emissions. This event builds on that idea by showing how different energy fields can work together to reduce emissions.

Supplies: space to host the panel and potentially free food for the audience.

Equipment: projector, computers, etc.

Event preparation: recruit 3 energy experts from different fields (ex: nuclear, gas, biochemical) to be on the panel, advertise the event to target audiences (flyers, Facebook events, emails, etc.), and make sure the panel is ready to present ahead of time.

Lessons Learned: this event works really well if you work with another student organization to host it (reinforces the idea of working together)


  • Hybrid Energy Flyer Simple (template to be modified for your particular event)
  • Energy Synergy Detailed Flyer (template to be modified for your particular event)
  • Panel Questions (example questions for if the audience is silent, may need to be updated to current events)
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