Balloon Rocket Demonstration
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This activity demonstrates the concept of pressure. A balloon rocket uses air pressure to move forward. The air is forced out of the balloon quickly which creates thrust to move the rocket forward. This submission includes example questions that can be used to discuss the topic.

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  • STEM – General
Target Audience:
  • Primary School Students
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Ready-To-Go Event
Activity Type:
Activity or Demonstration
Detailed Description and Instructions:

Supplies: (i.e., paper, pencils, markers)

  • Balloons, string, straws, and tape

Equipment: (i.e., laptop, projector, whiteboard)

  • N/A

Presentation Material

  • N/A

Event Preparation: (i.e., group meeting(s), dry run)

  • Find a local kid’s club, class, or community center that wants to host the interaction between the U.S. WIN members and the children.
  • Designate an activity coordinator.
  • Cut the string into long pieces, enough to cover the number of balloons expected to be used.

Advertising/Notification of Event

  • Depends on the audience. For example, if it is a classroom visit, there is no advertising needed. If the activity is held at a local community center, flyers should be made and hung in appropriate areas.
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