Article from Psychology Today – Disability at Work: The Forgotten Diversity
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June 2023 article from Psychology Today entitled Disability at Work: The Forgotten Diversity. Key points highlighted in the article include:

-Up to 80% of disabilities are not apparent; mental health conditions are the most prevalent.
-Inclusive work practices support the well-being of disabled employees, but such practices are lacking.
-Employers widely underestimate the prevalence of disability; it's about 20% higher than most report

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  • Accessibility
  • DEI
  • Disability
  • Diversity
  • Equity
  • Inclusion
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  • Hiring and Recruiting
  • HR Best Practices
  • Inclusive Culture/Policies
  • Leadership, Talent, and Development
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  1. I recently gave a safety brief on ways to support colleagues with hidden disabilities after hearing comments made during a meeting that the commenter may not have realized were insensitive to someone who is differently abled. For example, if a colleague asks a presenter to zoom in on a document, it’s not helpful to point out that you can see it perfectly. What if that colleague has a vision impairment that you don’t know about? Reminding that colleague that you have perfect 20/20 vision is not helpful or thoughtful, and could just straight up make the other person feel bad.

    Assuring your words are thoughtful and meaningful is so important. It just takes a few seconds to stop and think before making comments that could cause distress to those with disabilities that you are not privy to.

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