U.S. WIN Statement on Racism and Discrimination – June 2020

The last two weeks have put a spotlight on the systemic racism that exists in our country. U.S. Women in Nuclear strives to promote equality in our industry and while our focus has been on women, we oppose all forms of racism and discrimination. Our organization stands for creating an environment in which all people regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender are welcomed for their contributions and are able to thrive.

We are appalled by the death of George Floyd, Ahmaud Aubrey and Breonna Taylor. We believe that every human life deserves dignity and respect, and racism and discrimination have no place in our nation or our industry. U.S. WIN stands as allies with our black and brown colleagues and communities.

With thousands of members from diverse backgrounds, U.S. WIN knows the benefits of embracing diversity in our organization and is committed to bettering our workplaces and communities. We embrace our responsibility to work with our industry through dialogue, understanding, and meaningful action to seek true inclusion in how we work together.

Our industry does have more work to do. This week, our colleagues at the North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NAYGN) released the 2020 Career Report that presents data collected through a survey of its membership, with 933 responses represented in this year’s report. The data shown in Figure 25 is evidence that there are significant differences across ethnicities in terms of representation, wages, and leadership positions held.

U.S. WIN pledges to listen, learn, and find ways for our community to support this truly vital work.  To begin that process we have put together a list of resources to encourage our members and others to educate themselves so they can be better informed on the fight against racism, discrimination, and bias. We ask our members to ask themselves, “What will I do to advocate for equality and equity in my community, company, industry, and nation?”

Here are a list of resources for your consideration: