U.S. WIN Professional Development Week+ Contest

Submissions due by September 30, 2022

The U.S. WIN Professional Development Committee is sponsoring the Professional Development Week+ Contest between U.S. WIN Chapters to encourage their members to engage in career development opportunities. Chapters will be judged on member participation and time spent attending the interactive workshops and utilizing the on-demand web-based activities and resources.


Participation results can also be applied to quarterly metrics, so it’s a “WIN-WIN” opportunity. Details are included in the attached Chapter Entry Form.


Participating Chapters should submit the Entry Form to [email protected] by September 30th. The WINning Chapter will receive their Award during the 2023 U.S. WIN Conference.


Because PD Week+ is brand new, we need help with a catchy name for the Award like “Most Reactive Chapter” for Nuclear Science Week. We are asking members to submit their suggestions for the Award name to [email protected]The member who submits the selected Award name will receive a separate prize.


For more information, please visit the Professional Development Committee page.